CLDHEI Alumni Association

The Alumni organization of CLDHEI vows to be a channel by which graduates may still continue to participate in special affairs of the school and continue to become partners in the school’s pursuit towards excellence. This organization shall ensure an effective means to update graduates anywhere in the globe of any information about their alma mater.

Graduates of CLDHEI continuously connected and updated with the events of the school and are tapped as vital links in the institution’s attempts toward the achievement of its goals.


 President  : Edwina Basco, RN, MSN
 1st Vice- President  :
 2nd Vice- President  : Roberto D.C. Yumul
 Secretary  : Catherine Flores, RN
 Treasurer  : Emily Asuncion, RN, MSN
 Auditor  : Gaudencia Uy, RN, MSN
 Bus. Mgrs:  : Rolando De Vivar, RN
   : Francis Ian Dela Cruz
 PRO  : Rey Benedict Raniaga, RN

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