The Guidance and Counseling Department envisions total development of Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital – Educational Institution graduates, adherence to the culture of excellence, quality service, and global standards.


We commit ourselves to provide quality guidance and counseling services that will promote and develop clientele to become more independent, responsible, productive and globally competitive.


  1. 1. To help the individual by his own effort, as far as possible, to achieve up to the level of his own capacity, to gain personal satisfaction, in as many aspects of his life as possible, and to make his maximum contribution to society.
  2. 2. To assist the individual to meet and solve his own problems as they arise and to make correct interpretation of facts and wise choices and adjustments.
  3. 3. To help the individual lay a permanent foundation for sound and mature adjustments.
  4. 4. To assist the individual to live a well-balanced life in all respects – physical, mental, emotional, and social.
  5. 5. To facilitate the work of the instructional staff along these two main lines:

         a.) Assistance to teachers in their efforts to understand students.
         b.) Accommodation of problem students referred by teachers.


This program is aimed at helping students adjust to college life. It aims to inform students about school policies, rules and regulations, school organizations and the services provided by the school.


This is a collection of information about the students, their needs, abilities, interests, as well as data about their educational and family background which will be compiled in a cumulative folder.

Guidance Office Guidance Office
Guidance Office Guidance Office


Assessing or predicting the capacity of freshmen applicants to do college work. It is also aimed in assisting students acquiring an objective appraisal of their personality for better self-understanding and self-direction. Lastly, the program helps to identify the problems of the students to facilitate counseling and increase teacher understanding in regular classroom teaching.


This is the collection and provision of available relevant educational, occupational and social information needed by the individual students in planning their educational program effectively.


This service aims to help students as well as faculty members in dealing with their personal problems.

Counselling Room
Counselling Room
Group Counselling Room Individual Counselling Room


Evaluation aims to assist the administrators in evaluating the teaching performance of general education and clinical instructors.

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