1. I
    To improve the quality of the standards in all academic programs to a level whereby the requirements prescribed by the CHED are not only fully satisfied but are significantly exceeded.

  2. II
    To synchronize the quality of CLDHEI graduates with the needs of the prospective employers.

  3. III
    To develop the research capability of CLDHEI in order to enable the school to initiate or sponsor research projects which are related to its academic programs , its operational needs and concerns as well as those of the local community, thus deriving practical benefits from the research findings.

  4. IV
    To become deeply involved in community development, to the extent that all human resources of the school will be tapped to uplift the quality of life of the people in the immediate locality and in the adopted barangay(s).

  5. V
    To make the institution an effective instrument in the moral and spiritual enlistment of all the members of the academic community.

  6. VI
    To make educational opportunities at CLDHEI accessible to a greater number of highly qualified but financially handicapped young people in Tarlac and the neighboring provinces.

  7. VII
    To be able to attain, up to a very satisfactory level, all goals set by the school at the least possible cost.

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