BSN Department

BS Physical Therapy Department
1. Philippine Orthopedic Center
2. Central Luzon Doctors Hospital
3. Tarlac Provincial Hospital
4. Baguio Medical Center

BS Medical Technology Department

1. Tarlac Provincial Hospital (TPH)
2. Philippine Orthopedic Center
3. AFP V. Luna Hospital

BS Pharmacy Department
1. La Fayette Laboratories
2. Hizon Laboratories
3. Mercury Drugstore

BS Radiologic Technology Department
1. Angeles University Foundation Medical Center
2. Angeles Medical Center
3. Dee Hwa Liong Foundation Medical Center
4. Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital
5. Ramos General Hospital
6. Talon Medical Hospital
7. Ospital Ning Angeles

BS Respiratory Department

1. Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital
2. Angeles University Foundation Medical Center
3. Angeles University Foundation
4. Dr. Amado Garcia Medical Center
5. Baguio Medical Center

Midwifery and Nursing Aide

1. Tarlac Provincial Hospital
2. Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital
3. Vega- Aquino Maternity Lying- in Clinic
4. Mom and Kids Lying-in Clinic
5. Camiling District Hospital


1 Association Of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN)
2 Association of Philippine Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Schools (APPTOTS)
3 Association of Philippines School of Midwifery
4 College Editors' Guild of the Philippines (CEGP)
5 Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines
6 Maternal and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines
7 Orthopedic Nurses Association of the Philippines (ONAP)
8 Philippine Association for Pulmonary Care (PAPC)
9 Philippine Association Of Administrators of Student Affairs (PAASA)
10 Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA)
11 Philippine Association of Graduate Education (PAGE)
12 Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET)
13 Philippine Association of Radiologic Technology Schools (PARTS)
14 Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology (PASMETH)
15 Philippine Board of Rehabilitation Medicine
16 Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)
17 Philippine League Of Government and Private Midwives (PLGPM)
18 Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)
19 Philippine Pharmaceutical Association (PPA)
20 Philippine Society of Cosmetic Science (PSCS)
21 Tarlac Pharmaceutical Society (TPS)
22 Tarlac Private Schools Association (TAPSA)

C. CLDHEI is actively working with the local city government in terms of endorsements, manpower and some material support.

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