The Community Extension of CLDHEI dedicates and commits itself to the provision of health services and other development programs that will enable a community attain a level of self-sufficiency.


An empowered community that is able to manage healthy life among its members with less dependence from professional health workers.


The OCES of CLDHEI coordinates all activities or services of the various departments to their selected communities. The communities where students conduct their RLE are enumerated below. At present the school plans to adopt one barangay to extend services especially on matters pertaining to health. The school is now in the process of conducting community survey to three barangays recommended by the city government to serve as the basis of the selection.

The programs to be extended to the adopted barangay shall be as follows:
1. Health Education ( BS Nursing Students enrolled in the RLE)
2. Health Skills Training (BS Nursing Students enrolled in the RLE)
3. “Botica-sa–Barangay” (BS Pharmacy )
4. Control of Endemic Diseases; including control of parasitism (BS Medical Technology and allied health curricula)
5. Environment Development (NSTP)
6. Literacy Development (NSTP)
7. Livelihood (NSTP)
8. Medical Missions (all student organizations led by the COL)
9. Outreach (CLDHEI Chaplain and Campus Volunteers for Christ)

A. BS in Nursing Community Service Program

B. Midwifery and Nursing Aide Department
Adopted Community: Sitio San Pedro, Barangay Iba, San Jose, Tarlac RLE Communities: Rural Health Unit I & II (Matatalaib and Maliwalo, Tarlac City) Concept: Community immersion is the extension and application of theories that are learned by students in their classroom to the actual community setting. The objective of this program is to train and organize community residents to manage their own health.

Community Extension Services Rendered
S. Y. 2002- 2006

 February 2002 Mother’s Class on Hygiene and Proper Nutrition in Matatalaib, Tarlac City
August 2002 Tree Planting and Street cleaning in Matatalaib, Tarlac City
December 2002 Gift- giving to street children in Tarlac City
February 2003 “Patak-Polio” (Oral Polio Vaccine) in San Jose, Tarlac
October 2003 Family Planning Seminar in Maliwalo, Tarlac City
February 2004 Medical- Dental Mission at Sitio San Pedro, Iba, San Jose, Tarlac
December 2004 “Pasko sa Baryo” (Gift-giving) in Barangay Trinidad, Matatalaib, Tarlac City
January 2005 Mother’s Class on Breastfeeding in San Jose de Orquico, Tarlac City
February 2005 Barangay Health Station establishment at Sitio San Pedro, Iba, San Jose
October 2005 Health Education and Gift- giving to the Unwed mothers and Abused women in HAVEN- DSWD, Pampanga
December 2005 Pamaskong Handog sa Sitio Tarikan, Maliwalo, Tarlac City Children’s Class on Hygiene and Proper Nutrition at Tarikan, Maliwalo, Tarlac City
February 2006 Furnishing of Barangay Health Station in Sitio San Pedro, Iba, San Jose
March 2006 Organized the “Samahang Pangkalusugan of Sitio San Pedro, San Jose, Tarlac City” and training conducted to the members on Basic Health Care. Medical- Dental Mission in the same community
For pledges of support of any kind for the Community Outreach:
Contact the Office of the Community and Extension , Tarlac City, Philippines
Tel. No. (045) 982-5019
Office of the CLDHEI President, Tarlac City, Philippines
Tel. No. (045) 982-5019 ext. 228

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