The office of the SAO is primarily responsible for the general direction or coordination of co- curricular and extra-curricular activities that may be initiated by academic units and student organizations.


SAO is committed to emphasize the intellectual, social, moral and spiritual development of the students that is geared towards establishing increasingly effective programs and services and eventually enhance the quality of educational life of the CLDHEI students.


SAO shall be an avenue of the development of students’ talents, skills and abilities. It shall serve as the channel for bringing up a meaningful impact on their environment through the services they render in their activities.


  1. 1. Develop and enhance the abilities and talents of the students.
  2. 2. Encourage students’ involvement in extra curricular activities.
  3. 3. Train students to become creative, responsible and dynamic leaders.
  4. 4. Enable the students to utilize their leisure time in worthwhile activities.
  5. 5. Provide assistance to students on job placement opportunities.
  6. 6. Oversee the implementation of the institutions rules and regulations pertaining to discipline and decorum within the campus and in all authorized activities undertaken outside the school compound.
  7. 7. Ensures the implementation of disciplinary action on erring students; monitors status of students involved in discipline cases and provides recommendation to school authorities for retention or dismissal....