CLDHEI Research and Development ensures that quest for quality education though creativity and innovation, continuous pursuit for excellence though development of models to be translated into tangible technologies, involvement in effective health management development and practical applications of products of intellectual undertakings shall be manifest in the employees and students as well.


Innovative, dynamic and productive CLDHEI employees and students directed towards development.


1. To organize the CLDHEI research unit and establish policy directions standards.
2. To build individual research capabilities among faculty members and encourage them to conduct researches along their fields of specialization.
3. To promote research awareness in the academe.
4. To establish linkages with government and non-government agencies for research support and resources.
5. To conduct researches that will improve the services given by all departments in the educational institution.


The RDO shall oversee all research activities in the institution and ensure that these are properly aligned to the school’s vision, mission and goals.


1. Coordinates with the members of the academe in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating all research projects and programs, including instructional materials and learning modules developed by teachers.
2. Leads the formulation, review and amendment of guidelines and policies governing research in the institution.
3. Ensures consistent implementation of research policies across departments and offices.
4. Coordinates with department heads in supervising research classes.
5. Plans and administers the Faculty Research Program.
6. Leads the staff or team in managing, evaluating, and documenting research data or outputs, research –related information, and in disseminating salient findings of completed researches.
7. Establishes linkages with other health education institutions, government agencies, and non-government organizations on matters concerning research programs.
8. Works with the Board in establishing international research linkages.

NOTE: The RDO maintains copies of research outputs of students and teachers that may serve as reference materials for interested researchers.

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