1. A. Recognized student organizations under the direction of the Student Affairs Office:

    1. Council of Leaders – This is an umbrella organization of all department officers that aims to develop the leadership potentials of students towards worthwhile endeavors and serves as a bridge between the administration and the entire student body.

    2. Departmental Organizations
      a. The Nightingales (BSN)
      b. Physical Therapy Student Society (PTS)
      c. Medical Technology Society (MTS)
      d. Respiratory Therapy Student Society (RTS)
      e. The Frontliners (Midwifery and Nursing Aide)
      f. Radiologic Technology Students Society (RadTech)

    3. Artists’ Guild – This is an association that aims to recognize and develop students who are endowed with gifts and talents in dancing, acting, singing and visual arts.

    4. Campus Volunteers for Christ – An established organization of students that holds regular fellowships dedicated to the enrichment of spirituality in the campus and outreach ministries.

    5. Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC) – An organization established to help the Philippine National Red Cross to carry out its humanitarian programs and activities.

    6. Rotaract Club – A youth–oriented organization sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tarlac City the prime objective of which is to develop leadership and responsible citizenship through community service.

    NOTE: A student who may want to join any of the organizations above may approach the advisers and sign application forms.

  2. B. Application for new student organization

    Any student who wishes to apply for a new organization must make a letter of intent and submit to the SAO together with the following requirements:
    1. Constitution and by laws

    2. Names, addresses, courses, year levels, and signatures of at least 20 students comprising of officers and members.

    3. Letter of acceptance of the Faculty adviser addressed to the Student Affairs officer.

    4. Program of activities for the entire year.

  3. C. Student Publications

    1. School Organ – EXORDIUM is the official student publication of CLDHEI. Three issues are released in a year which is usually scheduled once in a semester and the other one during the summer term. All students are encouraged to join the Editorial Board by joining in the essay competition conducted by the EXORDIUM adviser and an English teacher. The students are also welcome as regular or occasional contributors. All articles are to be submitted to any of the EXORDIUM staff.

    2. Year Book – SINAG is the official yearbook of the graduating CLDHEI students. This contains complete names of graduates, their pictures and brief descriptions of significant information about them. This yearbook serves as a permanent record of events that are worth keeping as they leave the portals of their alma mater and start their journey towards the fulfillment of their career dreams. A graduating student who is interested to join the SINAG staff may seek a recommendation from his dean. If recommended, he may compete with the other representatives from the different departments for the editor-in-chief slot.

  4. D. Guidelines in Joining Extra/Co-Curricular Activities:

    1. Students are reminded to prioritize academics over extra-curricular activities. If the class performance of a student is adversely affected, he may not be allowed to join extra-curricular activity.

    2. Students wanting to participate in in-campus or off-campus activities must seek recommendation from their dean and the SAO.

    3. Students who will represent the school in activities held outside the campus must seek approval from the school president aside from the recommendation of the dean and SAO.

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